We’d LOVE to make a cake

for your very special celebration!



Pre Designed Cakes

Pressed for time? Give us a 2-3 weeks notice and we can create one of our pre designed Magical Unicorn cakes or one of our Drip Cakes.


Custom Cakes

Need a Custom Cake? Planning ahead? Awesome, we love your kind! We would be HONORED to create something AMAZING for you!

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

For ANY custom cake we recommend ordering 4-6 weeks in advance, sometimes more depending on the season (YES, we are for real). Why? Because people who order from us are usually planning ELABORATE celebrations (Pinterest type events), therefore they book things ahead of time, which means, we tend to book up quickly. Just like you wouldn’t wait until the last minute to order custom invitations, book the venue, face-painter, photographer, magicians, and all that other crap, we need some time too.




Will it be cheap? No. But it WILL be worth it!

Prices vary depending on size, servings, detail, and complexity of your design. Our custom cakes start at $100 (yielding 10-12 servings). Sculpted and 3-D cakes (such as purses) start at $250.


Why are your cakes so expensive?


We are SOOO glad you asked! Here are a few reasons for ya…

Our EXTREMELY talented pastry chefs, bakers and decorators spend A LOT of TIME creating your masterpieces. (And we all know LABOR in California is NOT CHEAP!)

  • We are talented. Period. So sure, you could find a random person to bake a cake from their home for your kids party, but you came to us because you wanted to hire PROFESSIONALS for the job! (And, although Helen, your moms sweet old lady neighbor may be nice, what if her CAT is her trained assistant? Yup, we’ve seen and heard it all) Bottom line, we’re trained, licensed, insured, and we are experts.


    We use HIGH QUALITY ingredients: Fresh imported Madagascar vanilla beans, our chocolate is from Belgium, our dairy is from local farmers, we use fresh locally grown produce when available… So, this ain’t no Duncan Hines $.99 cent store box mix! And lastly, we haven’t remained the premier local bakery or gained our popularity by claiming to be the “bargain-basement, discount seller of cakes.”

    All our work is customized to your specific request and made fresh to order. So please keep in mind the amount of time it takes to order ingredients for your flavors, mix, bake, fill, frost and decorate your cake. This is a tough job and is extremely time consuming! This is all factored into the price of your cake.

    Please keep in mind that we work exclusively with fondant. Fondant is expensive! Most bakeries charge anywhere from $7-$14 per serving for a cake covered in fondant! We try our best to stay competitive and offer reasonable prices to our customers, but when you want stuff sculpted, or 3-dimensional, or carved…It’s gonna cost you, because it costs us.


    Questions we need answers to in order to provide you with a quote:


    • 1. How many people do you plan to feed?
    • 2. Is your event local? (within a 25 mile radius of our bakery)
    • 3. What is the exact date of your event?
    • 4. Do you have a theme, or ideas for your design?

    Final price will be given at the time you place your order. Call us at 626-335-4999, email us at orders@thecakemamas.com, or go to our CONTACT page to send us a direct message.

    * If sending an email, please attach pictures of cakes and ideas you have to help give us an idea of what you’re looking for.


    Why can’t you take one more SMALL order:


    Do you really need 4-6 weeks to order a cake?

    Sadly, yes. We are a CUSTOM cake shop, which means we DO NOT have pre-made cakes ready to go!

    Everything is made fresh, to order, and seeing that we don’t sell BASIC cakes, people generally plan ahead when ordering cakes from us.

    So please don’t be upset if we are booked and can not accommodate last minute orders. (And since when is a BIRTHDAY a last minute thing??? I mean, didn’t you KNOW it was coming??? Isn’t it on the same day every single year???)